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Question #81584 posted on 03/18/2015 1:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

There seems to be a lot of questions regarding kissing. Well here is mine, what advice would you give a 25 year old women who is hopefully going to experience her first kiss?



Dear xoxo,

It's surprisingly not that big of a deal. It's not even that awkward. Don't overthink it. Just do it.



Dear ksokso,

First kisses are overrated. Don't worry, it gets better.



Dear xoxoxox,

I totally agree with yay and Concorde that you shouldn't worry too much about kissing while you're kissing. However, I was never given tips or pointers on how to kiss, and while my first kiss was enjoyable, all I remember was seeing this face coming at me and I panicked. So, in an effort to keep you from having the same experience, I present to you the extent of my knowledge on kissing.

*Please keep in mind that you don't have to kiss anyone you don't want to.*

Initiating the kiss: If you want to kiss him, lean in slightly too close for normal personal-bubble-space, and smile. If he smiles too, and leans in without turning his face away from yours (indicating a hug), you're going to kiss. If he doesn't do anything, or backs up looking scared, turn your kiss into a quick hug since you're that close anyway. If he's going to kiss you, you'll know when it's coming when his gigantic face is too close to yours. Also, his pupils might dilate. (Some people have naturally large, or dilated pupils like me, in which case, sorry.)

How to kiss: Tilt your head slightly so that you don't bump noses. Most people turn to the right. Just before you make lip contact, close your eyes. I made the mistake of keeping my eyes open for my first kiss, and it was weird. Plus, you'll get cross-eyed if you keep your eyes open with his face that close. Don't keep your lips puckered or stiff. Most people only do that if they're going for a quick peck. If you do keep your lips stiff and puckered, it'll be like kissing a brick wall. Just keep your lips together, natural and soft, but not mushy because then it's the equivalent to a dead-fish-handshake. If you want to get a little more intense, you can part your lips slightly, but if you do anything more than that I can't help you because I've never gotten that far and I don't have further instructions. 

Keep in mind that staying frozen with the same kiss for more than a few seconds is a little anti-climactic, and leaves you thinking "now what?". You don't have to go in for another kiss, but you shouldn't stand there like a statue. Either break it off and stop kissing, or go in for another one.  You'll probably want to keep switching things up- like kissing either the top or bottom lip (sometimes you can get your lips to meet perfectly lip to lip, but that just requires too much concentration) or tilting your head the other way.

How to end your kiss to start with a new one: Smile slightly to let your kissee know that you're stopping the contact, and lean away from him a little (maybe 1.5 inches) and then lean in again for the next one. If you want to stop kissing, just skip the last step.

What to do with your hands: You could put your hands on his waist, on his chest (this one helps if you want to control how close your bodies get- it's really easy in this position to push him a little farther away from you), on his shoulders, around his neck, in his hair, or don't touch him at all. You can keep your hands at your side á la Harry Potter and Cho Chang.

Don't wear too much lip gloss, or rather- blot your lip gloss, otherwise your lips will be slippery. If you want to have some sort of color on your lips you could wear lip stain and then put chap-stick on top, or something along the same lines.

You should know that your kiss will smell/taste exactly like what you both have just eaten, so gargle mouthwash after eating tacos, garlic bread, and other things with bold flavors, and for everything else, have breath mints on hand, keep up good oral hygiene, and drink lots of water to prevent bad breath.

Have fun!



Dear xox,

Kissing is a pretty symmetrical experience. Pay attention to what he does and what you enjoy and take your cues from that.