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Question #15974 posted on 06/25/2005 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board (specifically Aspen),

Bumblebee butt seems to be pretty on top of things. Why isn't werf a writer?


A: Dear TLLT,

Bumblebee Butt is a self professed genius who claims to be too busy to take on any new responsibilities. He has, from time to time, graced the Board with his presence in Board Question #15932,Board Question #15493, Board Question #15875, and Board Question #5386. Although he has no plans of becoming a writer, he is completely willing to help answer questions on occasion, when his skill and intellect are needed. He likes to consider himself an "independent contractor" to the Board. If you have a question for him, email me, and I'll contact him.