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Question #87906 posted on 10/01/2016 10:33 p.m.

Dear SNB and Spectre,

Wedding pictures? And deets?

Please and thankyou.


Dear You're Welcome,

I slept really well the night before our wedding day. She got to bed pretty late (running errands) and got up really early to get all dressed up and looking fancy. We both arrived at the temple within a few minutes of each other and the process began. Our sealer was Hillary Weeks' father and he held a beautiful ceremony. Luckily, we both said yes in the ordinance and he sealed us by the power of the priesthood.

When we went out to take pictures, we walked out and kissed while everyone cheered, and then nobody moved for about five minutes and we were super confused. Finally they started taking group pictures. Picture taking took about two hours and I almost ran out of smiles, but we made it! Our pictures are currently finishing the editing process so I don't have any to share right now, but if you ask at the beginning of October I'd be happy to share one or two.

We got married in the morning and then our reception wasn't until the evening, so after taking pictures we went and had a little picnic type lunch together and spent the afternoon together. The reception was great! We held it outdoors in a park and my father-in-law cooked out. We had a huge barbecue reception from 6-9 and we had people coming up to us throughout the reception so we didn't really get to eat, but we both really enjoyed it and our parents did a fantastic job on making the park look elegant.

Also, a couple of her converts flew in the day before and we spent the day with them at Temple Square and that totally made the event even more special to her! It was pretty much as good as it gets.

After the reception we headed off to St. George and then to San Diego for a cruise, which was wonderful!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Curtious,

You asked for pictures and deets but I will give you deets first and end with pictures.

So we got married in the Provo City Center Temple and had our reception in the Provo Library ballroom. I don't feel like I am compromising my anonymity by sharing these details because there are so many who did the same thing. Tally had wanted to get married in that temple as soon as she saw the plans for the renovation into a temple so it was very special for her. Also, Tally's friend Ann Perkins flew out to our come to our wedding. When they were freshmen, Ann told Tally she would fly out to her wedding when she married, especially because she had never visited Utah. It was really nice of her to actually follow through because they are really good friends and Ann isn't a member of the Church. So we took Ann on a tour of Temple Square and then she stayed with Tally and her family in an Airbnb in Provo. 

During all of this, I was cleaning my apartment and trying to get everything moved out of my old apartment. I was a victim of BYU's Homeless week one last time. I was happy to know that this would be the last time I would have to worry about it. Unfortunately, Homeless Week hit me hard as I had to deal with it for 5 days. Luckily, I was able to stay with my dad in Spanish Fork for those few days.

The night before our wedding, we both woke up almost every hour before we finally got ready. We arrived at the Temple at 7:20 am and went through the usual stuff you do before a sealing and then went into the sealing room. It was a really special event. Tally's grandpa was the sealer and he said some pretty inspiring things. I don't remember everything he said (just like he said we wouldn't) but I do remember the amazing spiritual feeling in that moment. 

Skip ahead to the reception: We did not have a line. Instead we walked from table to table talking with everyone new who had come (a detail that seemed to thrill Ardilla). We had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches for food with Brazilian limeade that looked like milk (it through me for a loop when I took a sip expecting milk). We had lots of fun, saw lots of people, talked a lot and had a dance. Right before the dance, I sang "Everything" by Michael Buble to Tally and I totally sang the words in the chorus wrong, luckily I sang them wrong the same way each time I sang the chorus so it didn't completely ruin it made her swoon.

Now for some pictures:

wedding pic 1.jpg

This is Tally's bouquet.

wedding pic 2.jpg

Here's our cake. We decided to have a cupcake tier instead of a tiered cake.

wedding pic 3.jpg

Cool Water shot.

wedding pic 4.jpg

Here's the place we got engaged.

wedding pic 5.jpg

wedding pic 6.jpg