[The color test] said I was yellow. I felt strangely like a boy obsessed with dating. -Olympus
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Dear Tally M and Spectre,

...Do we talk first or do you talk first? We talk first?

-The Rest of Us


Dear Everyone,

We were keeping it quiet for a while but we are too excited to hold it in anymore decided it is time to tell everyone that Tally M. and I are getting married! We were the secret Board couple. I wasn't lying when I said it was meIt's kind of a funny coincidence, though, that Sunday Night Banter also happened to get engaged at the same time as us but no, he is not dating Tally, that would be me.

I'm very excited to spend the rest of my life with Tally. As regular readers already know, Tally's pretty amazing and I'm glad I could convince her to spend more time with me. She is very spiritual and understanding. I couldn't ask for anyone to love me more than her. We share lots of nerdy interests and less nerdy interests. We constantly quote songs to each other (a large portion of which is Hamilton) and I call her my pine tree because she's so sappy. And I love every bit of it.

Now for some stories. I filled out her dating application (which is now closed, in case you were wondering) about a year ago, before I had any hope of ever meeting her. She rejected my application because "he's too into Doctor Who for me." Irony, right? After we met, I really decided I wanted to ask her out so I was waiting for the right moment and, since I didn't have her number, I sent her a Facebook message. Our first date went very well. Like, I went home and wrote in my journal "I just got off the best date I've ever been on in my life." Later I took a screen shot of my first FB message to her because I thought it would be cool to see where our relationship all started if it worked out. Since things did work out, I'm really glad I have it. We also just happened to start dating as soon as she moved away from Provo but we still get to see each other often and we call each night and make sure to pray together.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world.



Dear Doctor,

I'd like to take this moment to introduce our Board couple name: Spectrally!

But in all seriousness, I'm really excited to marry Spectre. He's exactly what I hoped for (and more) in a husband. And I'm not kidding. One day when we were spending time in my apartment, I pulled out one of my journals where I'd made a list of things I wanted in a future spouse, and somehow he has fulfilled all of those things. Not only that, but there are little things about him that I didn't know I wanted in a spouse until I saw them in him. Someone commented on our engagement announcement on Facebook with, "[Tally], you might be one of the most fortunate girls in the world. [Spectre] is by far one of the most Christlike, wonderful men I've known and befriended." I completely and wholeheartedly agree. He literally makes me cry in happiness, which is a really really weird experience if you haven't done that before and then all of the sudden you start doing it regularly. (I'm going to blame hormones.)

Like Spectre, I also thought our first date went really well, to the point where when I was talking to my parents the day afterwards, I was pretty sure that he and I would end up together. My mom asked if we were looking at an October wedding or a February wedding, and I sheepishly replied, "Probably October." Yeah, we're getting married in August. 

I think the biggest thing that helped our relationship is how open we are with each other. The fact that we were both Board writers probably helped, especially because I knew that he already knew a lot about who I was and some of the things I deal with and vice versa. He's been one of the biggest blessings in my life recently, mostly because it means that those things that I've had to struggle with almost entirely on my own I can now share with him. I'm so grateful he's chosen to love me in spite of my weaknesses.

-Tally M.